Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2012 - September Week 4

This is a transitional week as there were a lot of movements on the chart.  However, Kara remains No. 1 for the second straight week with “Pandora.” This song wins despite a big drop in points. “Pandora” barely beats out T-Ara’s new hit “Sexy Love”, which is our highest new entry into the top 10 this week. 

After a very controversial month in August that saw Hwayoung left the group, T-Ara is coming back strong with their latest mini-album “Mirage.”  Despite a lot of negative publicity surrounding the group, it doesn’t look like T-Ara’s popularity is affected as “Sexy Love” moves up to No. 2 in just its second week on the chart. This is an addictive synth sound club dance track composed by Shinsadong Tiger. “Sexy Love” has the inside track to become our new No. 1 song next week.

Still holding very strong in the top three is Psy’s international hit “Gangnam Style.” After six weeks on top of our chart, this song still refuses to drop, and it even recaptures the top spot on KBS Music Bank K-Chart this week. Psy is now promoting “Gangnam Style” is the USA, appearing in many shows and concerts.

There are three other new songs in the top 10 this week.  At No. 6, it is the highest debut on our chart this week. FT Island comes back this fall with their fourth full length album “Five Treasure Box.”  The title song “I Wish” is a pop rock track written by hit maker Kim Do Hoon. “I Wish” is already No. 1 on M!Countdown this week and will challenge T-Ara’s “Sexy Love” for the top spot on our chart next week.

We are seeing a strong influx of rookie female soloists this year. We’ve already seen Ailee and Juniel earlier this year, and now Baek Ah Yeon joins the battle for the top female newcomer of 2012. Baek Ah Yeon hails from the K-Pop Star competition and is the first contestant to debut. Signed under JYP Entertainment, her first album “I’m Baek” has received very good responses.  The title track “Sad Song” debuts at No. 9 this week, not bad for a rookie artist.  “Sad Song” is a ballad number composed and penned by Super Changdda of JYP Entertainment with the help of JYP who also took parting in writing the lyrics. With the help of distortion and power snares in the song, Baek’s powerful vocals are livened.  Despite strong competition from many established idol artists, “Sad Song” has topped many internet charts in Korea last week.

Moving up three spots to No. 10 it is the first top 10 hit for mixed indie trio Urban Zakapa. Perhaps one of the top vocal groups in Korea who are not well known by mainstream fans, Urban Zakapa has impressed listeners with their crystal clear vocals. They are one of the few artists who sound much better live than on the records.  Recently they successfully break into mainstream on their new digital single “I Hate You.”  Urban Zakapa is definitely a group you should listen to if you have not yet heard of their music.


1. (-) Kara – Pandora ***2nd Week @ No. 1***
Score: 807 
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Soo, Yue / Lyrics: Song Soo Yoon
Album: Kara Mini Album Vol. 5 – Pandora | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV

2. (+9) T-ara – Sexy Love 
Score: 802 
Genre: Pop/Dance 
Music: Shinsadong Tiger, Choi Gyu Sung / Lyrics: Shinsadong Tiger, Choi Gyu Sung 
Album: T-Ara mini-album Vol. 6 | Purchase this Album 

3. (-1) Psy – 강남스타일 (Gangnam Style)
Score: 679 
Genre: Hip-Hop

Music: Psy, Yoo Gun Hyung / Lyrics: Psy
Album: Psy Vol. 6 Part 1 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV

4. (+4) G-Dragon – 그XX (That XX) 
Score: 601 
Genre: Hip-Hop 
Music: G-Dragon, Teddy, Seo Won Jin / Lyrics: G-Dragon, Teddy 
Album: G-Dragon mini-album Vol. 1 | Purchase this Album 

5. (-1) B.A.P – 대박사건 (Crash)
Score: 557 
Genre: Pop/Dance

Music: Double Sidekick / Lyrics: Double Sidekick, Bang Yong Kook
Album: B.A.P 1st mini-album repackaged | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV

6. (new) FT Island – 좋겠어 (I Wish) 
Score: 585 
Genre: Pop Rock 

Music: Kim Do Hoon / Lyrics: Han Sung Ho
Album: FT Island Vol. 4  | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV

7. (-) Huh Gak, Zi-A – I Need You
Score: 498 
Genre: Pop Ballad

Music: / Lyrics:
Album: Huh Gak & Zi-A digital single “I Need You”
Watch: MV

8. (-3) Beast – 아름다운 밤이야 (Beautiful Night) 
Score: 497 
Genre: Pop/Dance 
Music: Goodnite, Sleepwell / Lyrics: 4realz 
Album: BEAST Mini Album Vol. 5 | Purchase this Album 

9. (new) Baek Ah Yeon – 느린노래 (Sad Song) 
Score: 491 
Genre: Pop/Ballad 

Music: Super Changdda / Lyrics: Super Changdda, Park Jin Young 
Album: Baek Ah Yeon Vol. 1 | Purchase this Album
Watch: MV

10. (+3) Urban Zakapa – 니가 싫어 (I Hate You) 
Score: 461
Genre: R&B Ballad

Music: Jo Hyun Ah / Lyrics: Jo Hyun Ah 
Album: Urban Zakapa digital single “I Hate You” 
Watch: MV

Rank Artist Song Score
11 Seo In Kook, Jung Eun Ji (-1) All For You 447
12 Tae Yeon (+13) 가까이 (Closer) 401
13 Orange Caramel (new) Lipstick 396
14 Sistar (-5) Loving U 394
15 Rumble Fish (-9) 너 그렇게 살지마 (Don’t Be Like That) 385
16 BoA (-13) Only One 377
17 Secret (new) Poison 376
18 Fiestar VISTA 324
19 Hyungdon & Daejun (+19) Oh Yeah! 296
20 Baek Ji Young (+7) 사랑아 또 사랑아 (Love and Love) 293
21 Phantom (-9) Burning 277
22 TASTY (-2) 너 나 알아 (You Know Me) 262
23 ZE:A (+5) Phoenix 254
24 Lexy (+12) 놀자 (Nolza) 252
25 Huh Gak (new) 아프다 (Sick) 241
26 Two X (+5) Double Up 237
27 2NE1 (-12) I Love You 237
28 Lee Jong Hyun (CNBlue) (-11) 내 사랑아 (My Love) 232
29 UV (+18) 그 여자랑 살래요 (I’m Going To Live With That Woman (feat. Yoon Do Hyun)) 218
30 4minute (-8) Over And Over (R.Tee Mix) 203
31 Davichi (-15) 남자도 우나요 (Do Men Cry?) 202
32 Skull & Ha Ha (-3) 부산 바캉스 (Busan Vacance) 191
33 Juniel (-14) Illa Illa 188
34 VIXX (-11) Rock Ur Body 184
35 Mighty Mouth (new) 뿌러졌어 (Broken (feat. Im Yoon Taek, Soul King)) 169
36 Super Junior (-18) Spy 167
37 Jang Hye Jin (new) 나쁜사람 (Bad Guy) 156
38 Shin Yong Jae (4men) (-5) 걸음이 느려서 (Walk Slowly) 149
39 D-Unit (+3) I’m Missin’ You 134
40 AOA (-14) Elvis 131
41 T-Ara, Shannon & Gun Ji (Gavy NJ) (-) 낮과 밤 (Love All) 117
42 ERU (–18) 미워요 (I Hate You (feat. Yong Jun Hyung)) 116
43 Seo In Young (-29) Anymore 112
44 Solbi (+9) 오뚜기 (Ottogi (Rap feat. Ji Yoon of 4minute)) 100
45 Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) (new) 아무리 (However (feat. Kin Jin Pyo)) 96
46 Byul (-16) 두 뺨에 닿기 전에 (Before Touching Of Two Cheeks) 79
47 Skarf (+1) Oh! Dance 77
48 Verbal Jint (+3) 충분히 예뻐 (You Deserve Better (feat. Phantom’s Sanchez)) 76
49 Ali (-12) Carry On 74
50 Suh Young Eun (-) 가을이 오면 (Autumn Comes)



Turtles – 비행기 (Aeroplane)

In this segment, we go back in time to re-visit charts of the same week in past years. The Soompi Music Chart began in January 2005. At first we had only 20 songs and later expanded to 50 songs.

Turtles is a mixed pop/hip-hop group consists of leader/songwriter/male rapper Turtleman, female rapper Z-E, and female vocalist Gumpi.  Their music is always fun and relaxing to listen to, much like another co-ed group Cool.  The trio was very successful in the mid-2000s, bringing a lot of joys to fans with their colorful songs.  Unfortunately, the group’s inspirational leader Turtleman unexpectedly passed away due to a heart attack in 2008.  Turtles disbanded.  Gumpi debuted as a solo trot singer. 

Last year, Turtles recruited a new male member Lee Kang and they re-grouped to release a new digital single “Protagonist” with moderate success.  But the void left behind by Turtleman is irreplaceable. 

“Aeroplane” is Turtles’ biggest hit and also one of the all-time biggest hits on our chart.  It is one of the very few songs to spend six weeks as No. 1 in 2006, even though this is the only six-week champ that is non-consecutive.

About the Soompi Music Chart:

Soompi Music Chart is unlike any other music charts or television rankings.  It takes into account rankings by various major music charts in Korea and airplays of each song, making it an unbiased and objective tally of what’s going on in the world of K-pop.  Our chart is composed of the following sources:

Air Monitor Chart – 15%

GAON Music Chart – 15%
Various Internet charts (Olleh, Bugs, Melon, Soribada, Naver, Daum) – 15%
Billboard Korea – 15%    
SBS Inky Gayo – 10%
MBC Gayo Chart – 10%
KBS Music Bank K-Chart – 10% 
MNet M!Countdown Chart – 10%

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