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BEAST members Junhyung, Doojoon, Hyunseung, Yoseob, Kikwang, and Dongwoon are featured in a photo shoot for the October issue of fashion magazine “Ceci.”  October 2012 marks BEAST’s third year anniversary after debuting in October 2009 with their first mini album “BEAST is the B2ST.”  The boys each look chic in individual shots for the photo shoot.  Below are selected excerpts from the accompanying interview.  

On October 2012 being their third year anniversary since debut,

Doojoon said: “It seems like such a long time, but it also seems like it was in the blink of an eye.  In the future, I want to ask the fans to stay together with us for a longer time.” 

Kikwang said: “It’s amazing that a group called BEAST has been together for three years.  Up to this time, in the time we have spent getting here, we were happy and we are always thankful to the fans.  There are many charismatic singers, but the fans chose to come down our path, they didn’t leave us and stayed with us. [laughs]”

Yoseob said: “Luckily we came to our third year anniversary, and getting to have international fans.  I feel like a boyfriend who has to work on his anniversary with his girlfriend [the fans].  I feel so sorry.  Our hearts are also heavy, and my words are sad.”

Junhyung said: “As Korean singers, we were working hard to get our songs and content out to international fans.  If our fans think we are worthy of being proud of, then we would like that.  We will work harder.”

Their favorite song on new album “Midnight Sun,”

Hyunseung said: ““Beautiful Night.” I liked it because it’s a style we have not tried before.  It was also popular.”    

Kikwang said: ““When I Miss You.”  As opposed to right when the album was released, now when I listen to it, I like it a lot.  These days though I enjoy listening to it, the words of the song hit me in the heart.”    

Doojoon said: “I like title track “Beautiful Night” and Junhyung co-written track “Dream Girl.”  The title track is something we all picked together.  “Dream Girl” is a style that I personally enjoy.”      

Dongwoon said: “Because we all started music listening to R&B, I like a style like “Dream Girl.” 

Junhyung said: “I also have an big attachment to “Dream Girl” and “The Day You Rest.”  “Dream Girls” is the first time I tried that genre, but looking at the response, it seems like was a success.”

On member personalities, 

Doojoon said: “Even though the fans see Yoseob as being the cutest of the members, actually he’s really manly.  Yoseob’s style is to take the lead in the atmosphere of the group, so if Yoseob’s mood is good, all the members also have a good mood.  His bad point is that he doesn’t care. [laughs]  Dongwoon is really kind and fun.  If you are the only youngest member, it can be uncomfortable, but I think we’re lucky that BEAST’s youngest member is Dongwoon.  Junhyung has an adult-like personality, so he depends upon himself.  Hyunseung thinks so uniquely, he’s really interesting!  He is so earnest in everything he does, that there are a lot of things that I see him do and that I have learned from.  Kikwang, everything he does, he does well.  Of course there are a lot of things to learn from him.” 

Yoseob said: “Even though I have the image of having a lot of aegyo, actually, I’m not really like that.  Rather, the person with a lot of aegyo is Dongwoon, but I think my physical appearance looks like I have a lot of aegyo. …Even though I passed on the cute image to Dongwoon, a while back, we had an “aegyo battle” on a show, and I won.  I guess after three years of having a cute image, I have a lot of experience or ability.  I’m slightly worried that I might be stuck in that image.  In reality, I’m more close to being a B-type man.”

Hyunseung said: “[On being a Type B man] I’m really calm.  I’m self-centered, about things that I am interested in, my hobbies, etc.  My hobby is computer-type activities.  I also never watch TV.  If I watch, I watch on my computer.”             

Kikwang said: “[On being quiet personality] When I’m together with the members, my role is listening to others and laughing.  I don’t really have a talent for words, so how I am going out and filming on entertainment programs, I also find it amazing.  People think that I make a great impression and am very interesting when I go out on entertainment programs.  But, unexpectedly, I am the kind of person who doesn’t have a lot of words and that is masculine.”                    

To see BEAST’s photo shoot for “Ceci,” click through the pages.  

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