2NE1 member Bom’s Morning Face Selca

A morning selca of 2NE1 member Bom has been uploaded online. 

On September 24, 2NE1 member Bom uploaded the morning selca of herself on her Me2Day account with the following words: “Everyone~~~~Hello?~~Even though I’m in Korea, I feel like my night and day has switched. For some reason, when it’s night time, as if it is Saturday, should I get excited and have my heart pound? I just enjoy music more!!! Something is good. But, after being like that, the sun has already risen. Everyone~~Happy good morning~~~.”

Netizens who viewed the photograph responded: “I like you morning selca,” “With less makeup, you look so much prettier,” “In the morning, you are also pretty,” “I’m happy because I could see your cute smile.”