Tiger JK Goes on “Racist Rant” Due to “Gangnam Style” Heckling at The Creators Project

On September 22, Tiger JK along with 2NE1, Idiotape, Nosaj Thing, and other acts performed at The Creators Project which is a visual arts and technology showcase founded by Intel and “Vice” magazine that travels around the world and recently was held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul from September 21 – 23

But, during Tiger JK’s performance, while he was rapping, he was heckled by fans (of Caucasian descent) in the crowd who kept shouting for him to dance the horse dance of Psy’s viral hit “Gangnam Style.” The fans wanted Tiger JK to stop rapping and to dance the horse dance, and continued to interfere with his performance forcing Tiger JK to cut his performance short.

Tiger JK tweeted that it triggered something dark in him, and his “F*** you turned into F*** all the white people to F*** CNN to F*** Hollywood.”

Tiger JK then stopped his set and screamed for ten minutes. Tiger JK told the offensive fans that he wasn’t there to make them laugh, to dance for them, and swore at them for thinking that Asians were only good for dancing and making them laugh.

Tiger JK tweeted “F*** all yall who think Asians are here to make you laugh by dancing my ass off. F*** Hollywood thinkin[g] Asians are just a comic relief.”

Tiger JK after posting the explanation of the chain of events that led to his tirade then apologized to innocent fans and The Creators Project founder “Vice” magazine, and explained that he wasn’t proud of being racist towards white people as he is against racism but stands by his point that Asians should not be seen as dancing clowns for the amusement of America.