Son Dambi Takes a Birthday Selca with Shinae

Son Dambi posted on twitter on September 25, “A simple birthday party. With Shinae unnie’s seasoned tofu pockets stuffed with rice. I love you, everyone” and uploaded a picture. The revealed picture shows Son Dambi with Shinae and another friend posing for the camera with a small birthday cake and a couple other dishes.

Both Son Dambi and Shinae look down to earth and yet beautiful with almost no makeup on. In front of them is a large dish of seasoned tofu pockets stuffed with rice that Shinae made for Son Dambi’s birthday and a take-out container that appears to contain Tteokbokki. The birthday cake has three lit candles, celebrating Son Dambi’s 30th birthday. 

Son Dambi was born on September 25, 1983. Several colleagues and friends, including Se7en, wished her a happy birthday through SNS. Currently, Son Dambi is diligently preparing for her come back as a singer, which is scheduled to be in early October.