Photographs of Son Dambi’s Amazing S-Line Have Been Released

Photographs displaying singer Son Dambi’s amazing S-line have been released. 

On September 25, on Son Dambi’s official Facebook page, birthday girl Son Dambi’s photographs caught the attention of her fans due to the beautiful scenery and her even more perfect figure. 

In one of the photographs, Son Dambi is posing in the clear waters of an ocean laughing. In the second photograph, Son Dambi is walking on the beach with a multi-colored scarf flying in her hands. 

Fans who saw the photographs responded: “Happy Birthday!” “Of course, Son Dambi is beautiful!” “She is completely sexy,” “Her face and her body are perfect.”

Son Dambi celebrated her birthday on September 25 and poste a selca with Shinae and a friend. The singer will be making her comeback on October 8.