SM Leaders Get Special Privileges? Onew Disagrees

Have you ever wondered if the leader of a boy or girl group get special privileges? Well, it’s been noted that the leaders of Super Junior and SHINee are much different from each other.

On September 26, Kim Jung Nan, SHINee’s Onew, Taemin and CN Blue‘s Lee Jong Hyun appeared in “Radio Star” and shared many stories.

MC Yoon Jong Shin asked Onew, “Do you like being a leader?” Then without a beat of hesitation, Onew answered, “Yes.” Yoon Jong Shin went on to ask, “What kind of privileges do SM leaders get?” Then Super Junior’s Kyuhyun answered, “There is definitely a special privilege for SM leaders. When we go overseas to work, the other members have to share small rooms but only Leeteuk gets to use a suite that’s almost as big as a house!”

After hearing this, Onew had a shocked look on his face and said, “Mr. Chairman…” pleading to SM chairman, Lee Soo Man. Onew explained, “We’re a bit different. The leader has the privilege to share a room with our manager hyung,” making everyone laugh.