2NE1 member Minzy Takes a Couple Pic with Her Puppy Dougie

On September 26, 2NE1 member Minzy posted a photograph of herself and her puppy on her Twitter account with the following words: “Everyone! I’m sticking my tongue out! It’s a couple tongue-sticking-out picture!”

In the photograph, Minzy is dressed chicly with a felt short-brimmed hat, oversized black sunglasses, and a button-down graphic patterned shirt. Minzy is sticking out her tongue along with her adorable puppy named Dougie.

Fellow 2NE1 member Sandara tweeted a reply: “Wow~cute!!! My cat Dadoong is too chic to take a couple tongue-sticking-out picuture BB But, I like that hahaha”

Minzy tweeted: “Normally, cats are chic and puppies are bundles of fun. Kkk”

Sandara tweeted: “Really?!? >.< I think because I’m a puppy, I like cats~!!! +.+ I’m attracted to opposites?!? Kk”