Giraffe Makes Guest Appearance With Lee Kwang Soo in “Nice Guy”

Someone has made a screen capture of a particular scene in “Nice Guy” and it’s giving a lot of laughs to all the “Running Man” fans. For those who are not in the know, Lee Kwang Soo’s nickname in the said variety program is “Giraffe” because of his long, lean build. This particular scene is taken from the 5th episode broadcasted on September 26.

Netizens who saw the screen capture with the two giraffes commented, “The writer has a good sense of humor,” “That’s serious, but it’s also funny,” “Giraffe and traitor giraffe in the same scene” indirectly showing his popularity as a “Running Man” member.

In other news, his identity has been revealed during this episode and it surprised many viewers because of the twist and how it can affect the storyline.

Soompiers, are there other celebrities who have animal nicknames or known to resemble one?