Netizens Dig Up Actress Jin Se Yeon’s Past

You know you’re famous when people start digging up your past.. or at least it’s a good sign that you’re getting popular. Well, some netizen decides to borrow Sherlock Holmes’ hat and start a little detective journey. Turns out that Jin Se Yeon is an ex-trainee from Star Empire Entertainment, the home of artists like Jewelry, ZE:A and V.O.S.

The two pictures show her as Jewelry’s back up dancer. She’s looking cute wearing a school outfit with a red headband and two pony tails.

Other netizens who saw the picture commented, “This is proof she’s always been pretty,” “This must’ve been during her high school days. She’s so innocent looking, “She’s been exuding a celebrity vibe since those days,” receiving much praises for her looks.

In other news, she’s currently filming for the SBS’s weekend drama “Five Fingers.”