6 Songwriting Female Idols – Who’s Your Favorite?

Earlier today, it was reported that HyunA participated in the composing and lyrical writing of “Very Hot,” one of the main tracks from her upcoming 2nd mini album, “Melting.” This is her first attempt at actual songwriting and we’re excited to see her broaden her horizons!

In fact, it’s become a growing trend recently for female idols to try their hands at composing songs and writing lyrics. What was once regarded as mere “products” by agencies, female idols are now quickly expanding their field of expertise, and is now becoming more of a “musician.” Songs written by idols also give added publicity to their albums, which explains why more and more idol stars are crafting their songwriting skills these days.

We’ve put together some of the top female idols that can also compose songs and write lyrics. If by mistake we’ve omitted anyone, please let us know in the comments section below!

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We’re not sure if IU should be called an idol singer, but she’s young (20 years old), has the looks, and has one of the largest “uncle fan” followings, so we put her on this list. She’s started her musical career at such a young age, but don’t let her age fool you – she can write and compose songs and has been involved with the production of all of her albums in the past.


Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun

Ye Eun is the “songwriting” member of the Wonder Girls, having written and composed songs since 2008. The first song she composed, “Saying I Love You,” was included in the Wonder Girls’ 4th project album, “The Wonder Years – Trilogy,” and it received positive reviews for its advanced style of melody, lyrics, and rhythm.



BoA composed and wrote the lyrics of “Only One,” the title track for her 7th album. It was the first time her own song was used as the main title track, but it brought in a lot of good reviews and reflected her maturity as a musician, after having debuted at the tender age of 13.



HyunA has made her name known as a great live performer and rapper, but today’s news of her self-composed song on her upcoming 2nd mini album comes as a bit of a surprise. We didn’t expect her to show this type of growth in such a short period of time, but we’re excited to see her take another step forward as a musician!


Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA

Much like Ye Eun of the Wonder Girls, JeA, as the leader of the Brown Eyed Girls, is known for being the songwriting member of the group. The BEG’s latest single, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” was also produced and composed by JeA.


Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

Sooyoung wrote the lyrics of “Spring Days” from the Girls’ Generation’s third regular album, “The Boys.” Although she hasn’t stepped into the composing field yet, she’s already showing potential as a great songwriter.

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