Solbi Takes Action Against Her Sex Tape Rumors

Solbi talked about the rumors about her pornographic video.

MBC “Golden Fishery Radio Star” invited Lee Chang Myung, Defconn, Sangchoo, Sorry J and Solbi to share their life stories on October 31.

Solbi confessed that her life wasn’t always happy. She started to mention about a false porn video which people believed is as a leaked sex tape of Solbi.

Solbi said “When I first heard about the video, I wasn’t too sure of what to do. I wished the rumor to fade away as time passed by. Two years have gone by but more people think the video is real. I couldn’t take it anymore and took it to the court.”

She continued, “For evidence, police asked me if they could take pictures of my body parts. I felt insulted but decided to cooperate with the investigation. On my way back home I couldn’t stop crying.” Solbi also told that she has suffered from depression.

Solbi’s story left everyone in shock. Netizens encouraged Solbi after the program was over, “I feel bad for Solbi,” “It must have been very hard for Solbi,” and “Solbi we trust you!”