“Bridal Mask” Couple for Edwin Winter Collection

Actress Jin Se Yeon modeled to promote winter collections for the apparel brand Edwin with her “Bridal Mask” lover Joo Won

The concept of the 2012 winter is a cute, fresh and adorable girl. She wears different colors of coats, jackets and knitwears in the photos. The actress showed off her own stylish ways to keep warm for the upcoming winter.

Her lovely smiles and child-like images presented through her career made her the top celebrity. She receives numerous love calls from commercial industries. Filming commercials for an actress symbolizes the fame of the actress’s current status.

Netizens commented after Jin Se Yeon’s photos have been revealed, “She is the ideal type for every man,” “I want her smile,” “I hope to see her more often in TV,” and “You are so pretty!”

Jin Se Yeon is currently starring in the weekend drama “Five Fingers.”