“Thieves'” Kim Hye Soo Pinches Kim Soo Hyun’s Cheeks

Kim Soo Hyun does not have a shortage of fans who dote on him, but one senior actress was recently caught on camera showing her affection. Local news media picked up on a photo that circulated online community boards. Titled “Kim Soo Hyun’s Big Sister Kim Hye Soo,” it shows veteran actress Kim Hye Soo pinching Kim Soo Hyun’s cheeks.

The photo only became public, but it was taken behind the scenes while shooting the film “Thieves” on location in Macau, in which the two actors were among the A-list stars on the cast. In the picture, Kim Hye Soo looked like a pleased and proud mother.

Netizens who have seen the photos commented with “Aunt and nephew? They look like so,” “Kim Hye Soo seems to be giving a pleased mommy smile,” and such reactions.