DBSK’s Yunho Talks About His Younger Sister

When asked about his siblings, DBSK‘s Yunho shared on SBS’sStrong Heart” that he had not been there for his younger sister during her teenage years and that bothered him as the older brother.

He went on to describe her, “My sister is known as the Gwang-Ju beauty. She boasts a height of 174 centimeters and currently works at the bank.” He then provided a picture of his younger sister for the studio to admire. 

When asked if there was any guy Yunho wanted to introduce to his sister he replied, “Well first off, Boom talks too much so he’s out of the picture and Leeteuk has too many girls’ phone numbers. I would like to introduce Yesung, however. Everything he does he takes seriously. My younger sister tends to be the serious type, so I think they would get along fairly well.”

 Yunho also shared a funny story about revealing that the two were related, “One day, my friend came to me and said that he had found a young lady he wanted to ask out. When he took me to go see her however, I realized the lady he was interested in none other than my younger sister. Once I told him the truth, he was quite distressed.”