Who Wore It Better: Son Dambi vs. Yoon Se Ah

Singer Son Dambi and actress Yoon Se Ah seem to have worn the same see-through outfit.

Son Dambi recently appeared on tvN’s “SNL Korea” and showed a sexy diva aspect of herself. On that day, she wore a black lacy blouse along with a hot-pink short skirt. Reactions from the audience were spectacular and many complimented the singer for her skillful acting on the show.

On the other hand, on the SBS drama “My Love Butterfly Wife,” actress Yoon Se Ah wore the same top but instead of the casual-sexy look Son Dam Bi had opted for, she had a more chic and office-look vibe.

The blouse acquired quite a popularity as many wanted to obtain it for themselves. It is identified as being part of the Jain Song collection.