DBSK’s Yunho Says Lee Jung Hyun Is His Life Savior

DBSK’s Yunho shared his SM audition stories on SBS “Strong Heart” on November 6.

Yunho talked about his unforgettable episodes during the SM audition.

“I saw many auditions being interrupted. I didn’t want that to happen to me,” Yunho said, “So I asked the judges to wait until my performance finishes.” Luckily, Yunho’s honest remark worked to impress the judges and proceeded him to the second round.

Yunho continued, “The night before the second audition, a group of people on the street snatched my belongings and ran away. They even took the CD I needed for the audition.”

Yunho said he was in great panic but had to find another CD to use for the next day’s audition. He went to DVD stores but all of them were closed.

“I hurried back to my cousin’s house and found Lee Jung Hyun’s second album. The album’s title song ‘Peace’ had similar tempo and style to my audition song. So I danced to ‘Peace’ on the second round and did pretty well.”

Yunho thanked Lee Jung Hyun for her great song and performed the “Peace” dance on “Strong Heart.”