Secret’s Han Sunhwa: “I’m Pretty If I Just Close My Mouth”

Han Sunhwa, from girl group Secret, had a chance to share what she and comedian Yoon Seh Yoon had in common.

On November 7, she appeared on MBC’s variety talk show “Radio Star” along with actors Yoon Se Ah and Oh Yeon Seo for the “We Got Married 4 Wife Special” segment.

Han Sunhwa shared, “Yoon Seh Yoon oppa and I have something in common. He’ll look cool if he closes his mouth. I, too, will look pretty if I just close my mouth” providing much laughter inside the studio.

MC Kyuhyun, from group Super Junior, commented, “I had a chance to see Han Sunhwa at a music program featuring for another singer and thought that she was very lovely. She was a rookie at the time. I thought that I should keep a close eye on her and she became the Han Sunhwa of today.”

She responded, “I shouldn’t have participated in variety shows. However, I’ve gained a lot through appearing in then. That was during a time I didn’t do variety shows so I was prettier.”

Soompiers, do you think Han Sunhwa is right?