“Five Fingers’” Jin Se Yeon Lied about Her Age

It’s been revealed that actress Jin Se Yeon, known for her roles in dramas “Five Fingers” and “Bridal Mask,” had added a year to her real age. Her official profile lists her birthday as February 15, 1993. However, her age became a hot issue when Jin Se Yeon’s co-star Ji Chang Wook stated, “You were born in 1994, what’s our age difference?” during a BTS segment that aired on SBS’s “Good Morning” on Tuesday morning. She answered, “Seven years,” acknowledging that she was born in 1994.

Regarding the news, her agency explained, “Jin Se Yeon was only 17-years-old when she debuted. She was so young that it was hard for her to land any roles. That’s why we added a year to her age.” They continued, “We did not have any bad intentions. Jin Se Yeon’s birthday is February 15. She’s an early 94er, almost making her a 93er. “

Meanwhile, Jin Se Yeon’s agency plans to correct her birthday on her official profile, as well as her profiles on various online portals.