YG Beats Out SM and JYP in Brand Ranking

YG Entertainment has ranked number one in value among Korean entertainment agencies. According to the brand evaluation firm BSTI (Brand Stock Top Index), YG moved from second to first among the entertainment companies.

BSTI evaluates all companies circulating in the Korean stock exchange. The companies are given points in how well they do in the stock index (out of 700 points) and a consumer survey (out of 300 points). The companies are then ranked in how many points out of 1000 they receive.

YG Entertainment received 811.2 points, SM Entertainment was a close second with 808.8 points, and JYP Entertainment was third with 714.5 points.

YG’s rise to first can be attributed to the international success of PSY’s “Gangnam Style.” The singer and his song’s popularity, along with other successful YG acts such as Big Bang and 2NE1, gave YG a boost in consumer survey points.

Will YG stay on top? The company is relatively new to the stock market exchange, and while it is doing very well riding on PSY’s success, whether the company will continue to do well once the hype dies down is uncertain. SM has been steadily rising up in the stock market the past three years, and with such a small point difference can easily take back its first place. JYP may not be as consistently successful as its competitors, but has proven itself a threat several times before.