LeeSsang Put Themselves in Haha and Byul’s Wedding Photos

New pictures of Haha and Byul’s wedding photos were released, with a slight alteration.

Photographer Oh Joong Suk put up the pictures on his twitter along with the explanation, “Today LeeSsang came to the studio because they couldn’t go to Haha and Byul’s wedding photo shoot. They forced me to take their pictures and put them in the photos.”

In one photo the duo, looking sharp with their suits and bow ties, stand expressionless as the couple look at each other lovingly. In another photo the two hold flowered pots and Byul smiles prettily, and there is even a photo of them sitting together with her.

The photos looks deceivingly real; it actually looks like they had the photo shoot together with the couple.

Netizens were surprised and amused by the pictures. “Is this really an altered photo?”, “Leessang’s expressions are so funny” and “Haha and Byul should be glad that they have such funny friends” were some of the comments.

Haha and Byul will tie the knot on November 30, and you can see some of the actual wedding photos here.