Kang Dong Won’s College Photos Surface Online

Here we have exciting news for all Kang Dong Won fans!

Recently, photos of a mysterious boy have been floating on online communities. The title of the photos is “Celebrating Kang Dong Won’s comeback, D-6.”

Actor Kang Dong Won is one of the celebrities that have stolen every girl’s heart and it looks like we only have six more days more to go until his return!

The pictures of Kang Dong Won were taken on the first day of college life. Kang Dong Won sure does stand out from his friends. His small face, tall height and well-defined features are certainly noticeable.

The celebrity will be discharged from the military service on November 12 and is considering a new project.

Netizens commented, “He is unbelievably good looking!” “Look how tall he is,” “He is just too perfect, he can’t be human!” and “We miss you!”