Top 10 K-Pop Celebrity Quotes This Week!

The week is nearing the end and with that comes a round of most interesting quotes from our favorite K-Pop celebrities!

Find out who’s in love with MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and who the latest victim of G-Dragon’s dating rumor was! Tablo’s daughter said she likes PSY’s music better than her dad’s, while the world’s most powerful man had a thing to say about PSY’s global sensation “Gangnam Style”!

Flip through the gallery for this week’s top 10 celebrity quotes of the week! Also, don’t forget to let us know if we missed your favorite celebrity quote!

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1) Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

“Actually, my parents wanted my sister to be a celebrity rather than me.” – Eunhyuk revealed a photo of his sister that has celebrity-like features!


2) IU

“I have seen it before, but I didn’t find it interesting because there wasn’t much of a storyline.” – IU admits that she has watched porn before!

3) Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon

“I dated two and a half men.” – Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon says she’s dated 2 and a half guys so far. The half part is for the guy who didn’t officially ask her out!


4) U.S. President Barack Obama

“I think I can do that move. But I’m not sure that the inauguration ball is the appropriate time to break that out. Maybe…do it privately for Michelle.” – U.S. President Barack Obama thinks he can pull off the “horse-dance” from “Gangnam Style”!

5) Orange Caramel’s Lizzy

“Then what do you want me to call him? Unni?” – Lizzy gives a perfect answer to MCs accusing her of dating G-Dragon for calling him “oppa.” She added she doesn’t even have G-Dragon’s number nor his KakaoTalk ID.”


6) Oh Yeon Seo on MBLAQ’s Lee Joon

“I think my heart will explode if I get intimate with him, because I like him so much.” – Oh Yeon Seo says Lee Joon is a little timid when it comes to intimate moments. It looks like we might be able to see a new celebrity couple soon!

7) Big Bang’s Seungri

“Don’t look down on Kimchi. That’s enough.” – Big Bang’s takes a playful jab at a foreigner that said negative things about Korea’s national dish, Kimchi!


8) Secret’s Han Sun Hwa

“I, too, will look pretty if I just close my mouth.” – Secret’s Han Sun Hwa jokingly says she has something in common with Yoon Sae Yoon on MBC “Radio Star.”


9) Tablo

“Haru likes Psy’s songs more than my music. She asks me to play Psy’s songs while listening to mine.” – Tablo complains that he has to share Haru’s (his daughter) excitement and love with someone else – PSY!

10) Lee Jun Ki

“Girlfriend? Shouldn’t I say that I don’t have one even if I do?” – Actor Lee Jun Ki gives the perfect textbook answer to a question about his love life during an interview with SBS “E! News.”