Lee Joon Surprises Oh Yeon Seo at “Radio Star”

The most recent episode of MBC “Radio Star” invited Yoon Se Ah, Oh Yeon Seoh, and Han Sun Hwa to their studio for “Radio Star – We Got Married 4 Brides Special.” In this episode, Lee Joon surprised his virtual wife Oh Yeon Seo and everyone else by showing up unexpectedly towards the end of the show.

He appeared in the studio without a previous warning and hugged Oh Yeon Seo from behind even before she had a chance to process the whole situation. Oh Yeon Seon seemed both pleasantly surprised and embarrassed as her face turned bright red due to Lee Joon’s hug. Previously in the episode, Oh Yeon Seo was talked about how she and Lee Joon are not physically affectionate with each other. So the MCs asked Lee Joon, “Oh Yeon Seo was complaining about how you guys don’t show physical affection,” and Lee Joon responded, “I was surprised at myself after the ambush hug.” 

The MCs once again asked, “We heard that you two are yet to hold hands. Is that right?” Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo looked at each other briefly instead of answering the question and Lee Joon hugged her once again.