Byul Releases Comeback MV “You Are So Bad”

Ballad singer Kim Go Eun or better known by her stage name Byul has returned with her new mini album “Nostalgia.” She makes her comeback with the album’s title song “You Are So Bad.”

It has been ten years since the singer debuted in 2002. She soon became popular with her hit song “December 32.” Since then, her ballad songs are famously known and used as drama OST. While the recent trend of K-pop focuses on idol groups and electronic sounds, Byul continues to present her typical ballad songs of her own color. The celebrity delivers the unique tone of sweet and heartwarming voice to the listeners.

Her new album contains four more songs including “Cute,” “Memories And…,” “One Secret,” and “Phone Number.”

Recently, it was announced that Byul will be marrying popular entertainer Ha Ha this month.