PSY Receives Guinness World Records Certificate for “Gangnam Style”

On November 8, PSY was awarded the Guinness World Records certificate for his global megahit single, “Gangnam Style.”

The Guinness World Records wrote on its official website, “South Korean superstar PSY (real name: Park Jae-Sang) received his Guinness World Records certificate in London today for his hit “Gangnam Style,” which became the most “liked” video in YouTube history last month.” It also released the above photo of PSY holding the certificate with an official from the Guinness World Recrods.

After receiving the award, PSY went on a radio interview with BBC1, where he said, “It’s a true honor. It’s the first certificate I’ve received in my life. I didn’t even get my graduation certificate from school.”

PSY set the new record in September when his “Gangnamm Style” music video received 2.23 million “likes” on YouTube. Currently, it has over 4.91 million “likes.” The previous record was held by LMFAO, whose “Party Rock Anthem” had 1.57 million “likes.”