Happy 28th Birthday Sandara! Check Out Her Cutest & Goofiest Moments!

Happy birthday Sandara! 2NE1’s Sandara turned 28 today! If you’re a fan of Dara, you’ll know that she loves taking photos of herself. In honor of her birthday, we compiled a gallery of Sandara’s cutest and goofiest moments! Scroll through by clicking on the arrows! 

Sandara shyly shows off her radical hairstyle.

Sandara tries to eat her donut bracelet.


Sandara expresses her anxiety after 2NE1 released their one of their track backstage. 

Sandara shows that she is the Queen of K-Pop.

 Sandara gets comfortable on a massage sofa.

 Sandara shows that her face is smaller than a cup!

 Sandara tears up after she broke her “Music Bank” trophy.

 Sandara enjoys her curry with her signature vegeta hair.

 Sandara glows in a wedding dress.

 Sandara blows kisses to her fans.

Sandara rocks her fashion.


 Sandara looks like a doll. 

 Sandara shows off her bangs.

 Sandara enjoys fall to the fullest.

 Sandara takes some time to unwind.

Sandara flaunts her flawless complexion without the power of makeup. 


 Sandara snaps another photo while getting her hair done.

 Sandara shows off her funky and colorful attire.

 Sandara has a mental breakdown after her radical hair cut. 

Sandara gives a sneak peek at 2NE1’s latest signature dance move.

 Sandara gets crabby. 

Sandara dresses up as a hotdog.

Sandara proves that she’s been working hard by sharing a photo of her feet. 

Sandara inhales a bowl of ramyun. 

Sandara poses with a photo of herself.

Sandara gets thirsty for some beer. 

Sandara takes the 2NE1 van out for a spin!