2NE1’s Colorful Group Photo

A photo of all the members of group 2NE1 together is receiving a lot of attention.

The picture was posted recently on an online community bulletin board along with a short message, “2NE1 members are showing off their colorful charms.” It was the photo that was uploaded by Sandara Park on her Me2day under the title “LA” on November 10.

In the picture are 2NE1 members smiling and in various poses. CL, who usually is known for her charisma on stages, is looking up and acting playful. Beside is Park Bom who is tickling her on the belly button. With their colorful outfits, 2NE1 in this picture reminded the fans of a rainbow or a set of crayons. Everyone who saw this photo agree that 2NE1 appears to have a great teamwork.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 will be visiting Singapore on December 1 as a part of their “New Evolution World Tour.”