Girls’ Day Minah Wants To Go Solo? “I Don’t Like Group Activities”

Girl’s Day‘s Minah made a surprising confession on the variety program “National Talk Show Hello.”

On the episode of “National Talk Show Hello” that aired on November 12, a participant stated that he didn’t like his company because the company kept having mandatory group hikes.

After hearing the story, Minah honestly stated, “I don’t really like group activities either.”

MC Lee Young Ja added, “Groups always go everywhere together,” and Minah replied, “That’s why I don’t like going everywhere together. It’s because we’re always together for 365 days…”

Then the other MCs and guests playfully teased, “I guess Minah will come out as a solo artist soon,” and “Congratulations on your solo debut,” making the whole studio laugh.

Meanwhile, the other guests from this episode include Kim Jong Gook and Byul.