IU Calmly Emcees an Event After the Selca Scandal

Singer IU, who was in the middle of a selca controversy, co-hosted the 2012 Love Share Concert that aired on November 11.

On this day, IU was one of the main MCs alongside Kwanghee and Lee Jong Suk. This was her first official appearance since the scandal, and IU was calm and cheerful throughout the entire event.

The recent scandal centered around a selca of herself and “Super Junior’sEunhyuk that was uploaded on IU’s Twitter on November 10. In the photo were Eunhyuk who appeared to be shirtless and IU in pajamas that were given to her from her fans. They seemed cozy and close together.

IU’s agency LOEN Entertainment made an official explanation that stated that they are just friends and that the picture was taken when Eunhyuk visited IU who was very sick at the time.