2NE1’s Dara Surprises Her Fans For Styling Plainly

2NE1’s Dara’s revealed photos are attracting attention in online communities.

Sandara Park has been famously known for her unique hairstyles ever since her debut. The celebrity has presented coconut-tree style, cornrow, undercut and many more. It is rather interesting to see her in an average hairstyle.

The title of Sandara’s picture was quite interesting, “Finally, Sandara with plain hairstyle!” The revealed real-time photos were captured during 2NE1’s “2012 K-Pop Super Concert” rehearsal stage.

Additionally, Sandara usually doesn’t wear short skirts yet in the pictures, she was wearing one! The skirt fits well on her.

Many comments followed after the photos, “Dara looks different but she looks better,” “I wish Sandara sticks with the normal hairstyle from now,” “Let’s not try different hairstyles anymore. You look great now,” “Dara looks like a goddess,” and “She is so pretty.”