Jeon Ji Hyun Has Belly Fat? Netizens Reactions are Surprisingly Positive

Actress Jeon Ji Hyun’s picture is receiving much attention from the local public.

On November 13, an online community site posted a picture of the natural beauty under the title “Jeon Ji Hyun is human. Her belly fat.“

It turns out the picture is a screen capture of her role in the recent movie “Thieves,” which also star other A-list actors such as Lee Jung Jae, Kim Hye Soo, Kim Soo Hyun, etc. She’s wearing a black tank top revealing her midriff and black short shorts exposing her legs.

Although there were a couple negative responses to the picture, many netizens backed up Jeon Ji Hyun with comments, “Is she really human if she doesn’t have at least that much fat?” “She overflows with femininity here rather than having abs,” “I admire her body.”

Meanwhile, her spy thriller movie “Berlin” is planning to be released next year.