Kang Dong Won Got Younger Post Military Service?

To celebrate his military service discharge, actor Kang Dong Won surprised fans with a gift. On November 12, a YouTube video was uploaded with the title, “Kang Dong Won In A Day.”

The approximately 3 minute long clip showed Kang Dong Won enjoying the city of Seoul. Kang Dong Won tried to cover himself with a scarf and big glasses but his celebrity aura could not be hidden.

Eyes were drawn to Kang Dong Won’s child-like excitement. He was shown shyly smiling in a car and jumping around the Namsan Tower. After reaching the top of Namsan, he put on a proud smile as he took a proof shot. He also visited other tourist attractions such as the 63 Building and the Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market. He took selcas of himself with his phone from time to time, giving off a sense of familiarity to the viewers.

As soon as the video was spread throughout the web, netizens began to comment, “Wow, what a daebak gift. Is that really him?” “This was a great clip. I waited two years to see this,” “He is finally coming back!” “Hurry back with a new project, hurry hurry!” “He became younger,” and more.

Kang Dong Won has officially been discharged on November 12. He had been serving in the Seoul Environmental Research Center and it has been reported that he gave thorough farewells to everyone he worked with. Kang Dong Won did not hold any press conferences or special greetings but quietly was discharged.

Welcome back Kang Dong Won! Check out the clip below!