Wonder Girls, Huh Gak, and Other K-Pop Artist to Perform in Vietnam

CJ E&M is hosting global concert “M-Live Most Amazing in Vietnam” to celebrate 20th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relationship between Korea and Vietnam. CJ E&M announced that they will be hosting “M-Live Most Amazing in Vietnam” on November 24 at Phu Tho Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to present live performance stages of local and Korean artists, Korean musical theater, and Wonder Girls‘ concert tour. 

Vietnam is very fond of Korean popular culture. One can frequently hear K-pop playing on the streets and major broadcasting channels air Korean dramas on regular basis. Tickets to a K-pop performances are considered one of the best gifts one could give and receive. Therefore, “M-Live Most Amazing in Vietnam” will present various contents of Korean popular culture to introduce more contents in three different parts.

The first part of “M-Live Most Amazing in Vietnam” consists of “Be Bop,” a live musical theater performance about traditional Korean food, Bibimbap. The second part of the concert will present performance stages of popular K-pop artists like Huh Gak, ZE:A, San-E, JJ, and rookie female solo artist Hi.ni. The last part of the show is the main event of the night, Wonder Girls’ concert. Wonder Girls will be on stage for an hour, presenting extraordinary performances. 

“M-Live Most Amazing in Vietnam” will be able to host up to 5,000 people in the audience. It’s diverse contents about different aspects of Korean popular culture and interchanging live performances between local singers and K-pop stars provide an appropriate occasion to celebrate and commemorate 20 strong years of diplomatic relation between Korea and Vietnam.