Wonbin vs Kim Soo Hyun – Who Looks Better With Bread?

Korea’s arguably most handsome actors Wonbin and Kim Soo Hyun are battling out their charms in a bakery.

On November 13, bakery brand Tous Les Jour released pictures of the two actors looking more delicious than the bread they are holding.

Wonbin accents his perfect facial features with a new hair style. His presence his both warm and chic. A representative of the set said, “With his gorgeous smile, captivating eyes, and his trademark low voice Wonbin is the best representative of a romantic man.” He added, “Wonbin was admired not only by the female staff but the male staff as well.”

Kim Soo Hyun looks suave in his long winter coat yet his youthful charms still oozes out. With his gentle smile and energy suiting a man in his twenties, he brightened up the atmosphere, earning his title as “Atmosphere Maker.” He captured the attention of everyone on staff with various but always appealing facial expressions.

How perfect are these pictures? How hungry are you for bread right now?