Byul Apologizes For Showing Off Excessive Lovey-Dovey

On November 13, Byul left an apology message on her Twitter, “I see so many articles about Haha and me. I think we talked too much about our relationship. I understand if some of you don’t want to hear about it. I feel bad. I am sorry but please try to understand. I will do my best to behave wisely in the future. I hope many people would congratulate on our ceremony. Please don’t hate us.”

Byul and her husband have made frequent appearance on TV recently. They talked about their wedding, post marriage plans and so on.

Meanwhile, netizens replied to Byul’s apology, “We never saw it negatively,” “You two make a cute couple and I like to hear more!” “Don’t worry! Do whatever you wish,” and “You two are so in love. I am just jealous!”