Hyun Bin Prepares His Return During Last Break From Military

An anonymous source close to Hyun Bin recently commented, “Hyun Bin will be out on his last break as a military personnel prior to his dismissal in a month.” This source explained that Hyun Bin plans to leave the military for a vacation for 8 days starting from November 15 to meet up with some friends and figure out his agency, or the lack thereof, issues to prepare his return to the real world. 

Hyun Bin’s exclusive contract with AM Entertainment expired during his military service. After a long time of consideration, he decided to join O& Entertainment, where the manager he has been working with for quite some time now has founded. 

Meanwhile, it is well known that Hyun Bin has been a very diligent and earnest soldier throughout this military service. According to his direct senior officer, Goo Bon Seok, Hyun Bin served in the Marine Corps just like any other marine would, refraining from leaving the base and rejecting any special treatment. 

Hyun Bin is scheduled to be dismissed from the Marine Corps on December 6.