Hyun Bin Surrounded by the Lovely Ladies of SISTAR

SISTAR recently posed with actor Hyun Bin who looked dashing in his uniform. On November 16, Dasom tweeted, “With Hyun Bin oppa who is currently serving in the Marine Corp~” and attached a photo of Hyun Bin surrounded by the beautiful ladies of SISTAR. The photo was taken backstage at the “23rd Marine Coprs Music Concert,” where Hyun Bin emceed and SISTAR performed, on November 14.

Those who’ve seen the photo commented, “Hyun Bin looks so handsome in his uniform,” “The girls look short standing next to him,” “Aww they look so happy to be with Hyun Bin,” and more.

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin is currently enjoying his last break as a military personnel prior to his dismissal. He will return to his post on November 23 where he will complete the remainder of his term and be discharged on December 6.