YG Earned Roughly 15 Million USD During First Three Quarters of 2012

Looks like some company is doing a happy dance right about now. As projected from a month ago, this year is arguably one of YG’s most successful years.

On November 15, it’s been reported that the entertainment agency has earned 15 billion won for the first nine months this year through the promotion activities of artists Se7en, Big Bang, 2NE1 and PSY. This is a 17% growth compared to last years earnings. Numbers from Epik High, Lee Ha Yi and PSY’s activities abroad have not yet been included in the earning profits.

Every artist and group that came out this year under this management has managed to hit number 1 on music stations, topped all major charts and attracted a high number of song downloads. Even rookie singer Lee Ha Yi has managed to place 1st less than a month after her debut, which many of her sunbaes have still yet to achieve.

Soompiers, can you take a guess on their profit margin by the end of this year? Will they continue to grow next year or do you think this will be their best year for a long while?