Secret’s Han Sun Hwa Thinks She Looks Just like Jeon Ji Hyun!

Secret’s Han Sun Hwa revealed that she could be Jeon Ji Hyun’s doppelganger! Sunhwa recently recorded an episode of JTBC’s “Lee Soo Geun and Kim Byung Man’s High Society,” and surprised everyone by comparing herself with the famous actress.

During the episode, MCs Lee Soo Geun and Kim Byung Man, along with guest Han Sun Hwa, went through list of female celebrities and discussed who was the sexiest of them all. A-list actress Jeon Ji Hyun was voted as the sexiest female celebrity, and Sunhwa unexpectedly commented, “I look just like Jeon Ji Hyun,” and followed her pose. She added, “My husband, Kwanghee [ZE:A], calls me Jeon Ji Hyun.

Meanwhile, “Lee Soo Geun and Kim Byung Man’s High Society,” featuring Han Sun Hwa, will air tomorrow, November 17, at 7:35PM KST.