Girl’s Day Minah Is Seriously Considering Double Eyelid Surgery

Girl group Girl’s Day’s member Minah discussed her dilemma on MBC’s “Sebakwi” that aired on November 17.

On this show, Minah admitted, “Many people told me that my eyes look pretty when I smile, but I think that just means I don’t have the double eyelids. I think my eyes look small and indistinct.”

She continued, “I am envious of big vibrant eyes. I thought that if I get the double eyelid surgery, my eyes would look better so I seriously considered getting it done.”

Netizens who heard this news replied, “You look better and unique because you don’t have the double eyelids. You should not get the surgery,” “I can’t believe she seriously considered the surgery. You are so pretty just the way you are now,” “I think Minah would look strange with double eyelids.”

Meanwhile, other guests in this episode included Lee Man Gi, Shim Kwon Oh, and Kim Se Jin.