Kim Soo Hyun Promotes Wild Animal Protection

Actor Kim Soo Hyun has opened a fan signing event to promote animal protection on November 17. The project the actor was leading is called “Save Us Fund.” The project is specifically aimed for a dolphin that lives in a Jeju Island.

It has been a bylaw for people to capture dolphins. Thus, people are now breeding the mammals and causing direct harms. Dolphins are supposed to be wild animals and play in the wide open sea. At some point, dolphins are trained to entertain people. The project is to send these dolphins back home.

Other than that, the group is trying to stop the animals from getting experimented, and help other animals that people have influenced.

Despite Kim Soo Hyun’s extremely busy schedule, the kind-hearted star took time to help this good cause. Kim Soo Hyun is very kind, handsome and good actor. How can a man be so perfect?