FT Island Looks Wild on L’Officiel Hommes

Group FT Island recently showed off their unique styles by participating in a pictorial by the men’s fashion magazine “L’Officiel Hommes.”

This pictorial, which included group and individual member’s photos, was released on November 20. Huge changes in their hair styles were especially remarkable.

In the photos, drummer Choi Min Hwan looks glamorous with his new regent hair style. In contrast, Lee Hong Ki has transformed into a blond with a long bang and he looks eccentric. Choi Jong Hoon, also with a new bang, shows off his lean body, while Lee Jae Jin sports a modern look. Finally, Song Seung Hyun looks charming with his wavy hair.

Meanwhile, Choi Min Hwan will be playing a main role in the musical “Kwang Hwa Moon Love Song,” which will start on November 23. Lee Hong Ki is currently participating in an upcoming movie “Our Heaven.”