2NE1’s Minzy Gifts Fans with Foods and Individual Presents

Minzy, from girl group 2NE1, reveals that she’s a down-to-earth type of celebrity with her latest fanservice.

Recently an online community forum posted a topic “2NE1’s Minzy and Her Fanservice” and shared several proof shots of her gifts.

It turns out that on November 17, Minzy bought various foods and prepared gifts for each individual at the fan gathering. One netizen wrote, “Even though Minzy was abroad to attend a schedule and wasn’t in Korea, she still sent gifts to our 2NE1 fan gathering. She bought us cake, chicken, pizza and gave each of us handcream and signed CDs.”

Netizens who saw the pictures and story accounts praised, “Her love for fans is really something,” “Bet more people will become 2NE1 fans,” “From Park Bom to Gong Minzy,” “Heard that Minzy’s mom came that day,” “Her heart is so pretty to care about her fans like that.”