4Minute’s Nam Ji Hyun Shows Off Her Cute Expressions for “The Romantic & Idol”

On November 18, 4Minute‘s Nam Ji Hyun showed off three cute expressions for the second episode of tvN‘s “The Romantic & Idol.” The set of three expressions included giving a wink, smiling with the eyes and making a cute baby noise, “ah-ing.”

Nam Ji Hyun presented the three cute expressions for the film crew. After taking a couple seconds about how to express the cute actions for the viewers and film crew, Nam Ji Hyun succeed in effortlessly causing the hearts of all male fans to flutter on and off the set. 

Netizens who saw the clip of Nam Ji Hyun’s adorable facial expressions commented, “I wonder how the film crew convinced Nam Ji Hyun to give them her set of cute expressions,” “After seeing Nam Ji Hyun’s set of three adorable expressions, my heart beat faster. The more I look at her, I find her extremely charming,” “I can understand why men adore her, even as a woman I think she’s cute” and “I wonder which male idol is in Nam Ji Hyun’s heart?”

 On November 25, the third episode of tvN’s “The Romantic & Idol” will air featuring Nam Ji Hyun and male celebrity guests who will confess their true feelings for her in hopes of winning a date with her on the show.