“Running Man”s Lee Kwang Soo to Voice Animated Film

“Running Man” cast member and frequent support actor Lee Kwang Soo is set to put another one of his talents to use. According to reports in local news agencies, the variety show mainstay will lend his voice to an animated film.

The film, tentatively titled “Marine Police Marco,” tells of a clumsy island marine police, and involves his adventures in rescue operations in the comic fantasy genre. Reports state that Lee Kwang Soo will take on Marco, the lead character. Lee Kwang Soo is expected to bring in his humorous personality and distinctive comic ability into the role.

Lee Kwang Soo was recently seen in the KBS drama “Nice Guy,” and has steadily gained popularity through his appearance in SBS’ Sunday variety “Running Man” as a regular member. His acting and variety show experience give a boost to his first challenge as a voice actor.

“The film ‘Marine Police Marco’ was offered to Lee Kwang Soo since the public recognizes him a lot with his work in comedy, dramas and movies, and of course his ‘Running Man’ stint,” a representative of the film’s production company said in a statement. “His image suits the role.”

“Marine Police Marco” is aimed at February 2013 release, towards spring.