Kim Soo Hyun Is A Hungry Customer For Tous Les Jours

Actor Kim Soo Hyun has been busy yet again ruling his reign as the CF king.

 For Tous Les Jours, a bakery chain- he plays the role of a handsome customer, who is stopped by the aroma and delicious display of breads at the window of a Tous Les Jours bakery. Having perhaps not much to eat while busy at his cubicle all day, Kim Soo Hyun stares longingly at the bread, picks out the ones he would like to eat and comes out of the store with two pieces of freshly baked bread in each hand.

Tous Les Jours promotes itself as a bakery chain that only produces authentic and great-tasting bread that only contain ingredients that consumers can rest assured are quality ingredients. The ad pitch is well-timed since winter is that perfect season for bringing out those mugs of hot cocoa and enjoying warm baked bread.

Soompiers, what foods do you crave during the winter season?