Lee Joon Reveals Oh Yeon Seo Turns into Different Person When Drunk

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon recently revealed that Oh Yeon Seo turns into a different person when she’s drunk.

On the episode of “We Got Married” that aired on November 24, a segment of an edited out part of “Radio Star” was shown where Lee Joon made a surprising visit for Oh Yeon Seo.

This particular episode of “Radio Star” featured the “We Got Married” wives, Yoon Se Ah, Oh Yeon Seo and Secret‘s Han Sun Hwa. While the three female stars were talking about their faux marriage lives, Lee Joon made a surprise appearance.

Lee Joon sat down next to Oh Yeon Seo and started his story about her drunken, late-night call. He said, “Usually, Oh Yeon Seo doesn’t really show much emotion towards me. But one day, Oh Yeon Seo once called me late at night when she was drunk.” This captivated the entire set with curiousity.

Oh Yeon Seo’s face immediately turned red and hurriedly said, “Please don’t! Don’t say it!” But Lee Joon continued anyway, “She turns into a different person when she’s drunk.”

Lee Joon revealed that Oh Yeon Seo showed him a lot of “aegyo” (cute-sy actions) during that phone call. He said, “She called me and with a cute voice said, ‘Hey Chang Sun, aren’t you going to come out to see me?'” It came to him as a shock because he never saw that side of her before. After sharing this story, everyone else seemed to be in disbelief as well!

Oh Yeon Seo admitted, “When I get drunk, I’m usually overflowing with love,” which made everyone laugh.

Netizens who watched this episode commented, “Oh Yeon Seo’s drunken habits are so cute,” “I totally didn’t expect that from her,” “If she did that to me, I’d rush out and run to her,” and more.

Soompiers, what do you think of the Lee Joon/Oh Yeon Seo couple?