Lee Kwang Soo Thanks Kim Jong Gook for Bullying Him on “Running Man”

At a recent interview on “TV Report,” actor Lee Kwang Soo stated, “Kim Jong Gook is the reason why I now feel comfortable on reality shows.”

On SBS’s “Running Man,” Lee Kwang Soo plays the role of the giraffe while Kim Jong Gook plays the tiger that preys on the giraffe.

Lee Kwang Soo explained, “At the beginning, I didn’t have any unique characteristic that is essential in reality shows. To help me, Kim Jong Gook bullied me on the show. This made many viewers dislike him, but Kim Jong Gook continued nonetheless.”

Lee Kwang Soo continued, “I know it was hard for him as well, but he did it for me. He knew that without any distinct character, I wouldn’t be able to survive on this show. With his help, now I have earned my place as the giraffe.”

Lee Kwang Soo ended with his thanks to Kim Jong Gook. He said, “I’ve never told him before, but I hope he knows how much I appreciate his help.”

Meanwhile, Lee Kwang Soo is currently gaining popularity as the icon of betrayal on the show “Running Man.”