Secret’s Jeon Hyo Sung Huddled In A Bathtub for Latest Comeback Teaser

What is this image trying to portray? Do we have a mellow track on our hands?

Secret’s agency has announced that the 4 lovely girls will be coming back on December 4 with their latest track “Talk That.” They have previously released a teaser image of Song Ji Eun and now have released Jeon Hyo Sung’s.

The picture shows Hyo Sung sitting in a bathtub, huddled on one side wrapping her arms around her knees. She leans forward and her face expresses a mixture of dejection and sadness, which is a 180 turn from her previous teaser for “Poison.”

TS Entertainment has previously stated in a press release that the song is composed by Sinsadong Tiger, who has previously made many hits for idols. Do you think he’ll try to hook up some of the members in Secret with some male idols?